Travel Blog Spotlight

When Adam Seper and his wife decide to drop everything and head out on the road for a Round The World trip, they turned to BootsnAll, a site that has been publishing resource guides, tips, and, yes, traveler stories — all promoting Indie Travel — since 1998. So effective is the blog’s mission that Adam returned from his trip and started to work there. He now heads up the editorial end for all content.

We spoke with Adam about the site and how it’s helping to boost the idea that travel has an real place as a supplement to education.

    The Trip Tribe: We recently spoke with Erin Marie Musich of The World Wanderer who said she was inspired by your blog to begin writing about her own indie travel experiences. Since you coined the term, what is indie travel?

    BootsnAll : For the record, I didn’t personally coin the term. ;-) Continue reading


Travel Blog Spotlight
Peanuts or Pretzels

From traipsing across Cambodia to discovering the best lunch in Cancun to Geocaching (see below), Liz and Josh dabble in just about every kind of travel. But the best thing about their endeavors? They just really seem to love everything they do. Enter Peanuts or Pretzels, not only a collection of stories and experiences from their travels, but also a reference for travel tips, resources, charity work, and, yes, things to know about Geochaching.

We spoke to them about their blog and how they manage to have so much darn fun.

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